It's a HOT summer around here!

The temps have been in the high 80's lately and now there is a bad fire burning about 50 miles from here. The temps are in the triple digits there! So the sky is an eerie orange/brown'gray. We feel for the fire fighters! I wish I could take them all popsicles! Imagine how nice it would be this little penguin...he looks to be off to a cool place!

Summer is definitely in full swing. Finished another SCUBA show last month. Thank you (sorry it's late) to all who stopped by the booth. Always a fun and busy weekend! As well as after, lots of orders the year! Anyway, next show is the Bead Society of San Diego on August 6th & 7th at the Scottish Rite Center. Another very busy show. And very exciting show news, I will be back in San Diego doing a new show in September called MACNA
slide004 This is a show all about aquariums! So if you have an aquarium, or you're interested in them, this is the show for you! I will be in the Atlas room, booth 907. I will be on "Artist Alley" with a bunch of other talented artists! Really looking forward to this. As for the rest of the year, I will be doing a home show first weekend of November. If you live in the general area of Redondo Beach, shoot me an email and I will add yo to that mailing list. Ok, gotta go find a fan and sit in front of it. Enjoy your summer and stay cool!_5221667

SCUBA Show 2016!

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 9.43.11 PM
Hi Everyone! It's my most busy and exciting time of year, SCUBA show time! I am always most inspired, most creative and crazy busy at this time of year. Memorial day weekend, what's that? a holiday? Not for's my non-stop, less than a week before SCUBA show, so no "holiday" for me! I am excited about my new designs and beads this year.I worked on bracelets this weekend, so here is a little teaser.

And for all you frog loving fans, I have a few sea themed frogs too! The SCUBA show takes place on June 4th & 5th at the Long Beach Convention Center. It is a HUGE show, with lots and lots to check out, learn and experience. If you're a diver, or thinking of becoming one, I hope you have the opportunity to check this out. It's one of the best shows in the US!

After the SCUBA show, next stop San Diego in August! I hope to see you at one of my shows. I apologize for not having more (or anything) on my Etsy and Amazon shops. It's really hard to do both the shows and keep up an online shop I love doing the shows and talking with people in person, so that's my priority. I do my best to keep up, but it's tough. I'm a "one gal" business, so I can only do so much.
I hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend. Please remember what the weekend is for, and give a little thought and thanks to those who have helped keep peace and freedom.

It's BUSY time again!

I love this time of year! It's my busy season...just finished the Art of Adorning show this past weekend, and Vegas Glasscraft at the beginning of April. And now it's all about the SCUBA show! The ideas for new designs are swirling in my head and I'm ready to dive in! I have been making some new beads in the past couple of months, my most recent are Koalas. I
made two and instantly sold them. I do plan on making more.
My pelican "debuted" at Glasscraft. I made two and immediately sold those. I plan on making more of both designs later this week. I probably won't post them because I'm going to be busy, so if you are interested, email me to see the latest. Then an old favorite, my food chain bead. This is a photo of a new one, bright and happy. I do have a few of these available. The SCUBA show takes place on June 8th and 9th at the Long Beach Convention Center. All the details can be found HERE.
I would like to thank all the folks who stopped by my booth during my last couple of shows. It was great to see everyone, both returning customers as well as the new. I love being able to chat with people about my glass goodies!
Please check back as I will try to post some of my new jewelry as I make it. I will end with a new collection of my "Lotus Frog beads", inspired by my yoga practice...and my love of little fogs.

February 2016

Well hello there! and I guess...happy new year, even though we are halfway through February. But that's how I roll....yep, slow as molasses on my updates! I am just getting back on the torch after a bit of a lull. Not sure what my focus is just yet, besides prepping for my Las Vegas show. I've been practicing some new techniques, so I will share when I feel like I can. Over the holiday I finally played around with some felting and made a couple of goal is to create small pouches with these....stayed tuned.


This is the second year I chose not to do the Tucson spring show. I feel like there are just too many shows and they are long shows too. But I did go and visit during the show period which was a lot of fun. My mom lives there and it was great to be able to visit and not have to work at the same time. The weather was beautifull! I did take one day to visit the shows and it was great to catch up with a few glass bead buddies.

My show schedule is up to date so I hope I will see you at one of my shows this year. Please email me with any questions, requests or ideas. I love the challenges and the inspirations!

Hello Amazon Handmade!

Have you heard? Amazon has a new handmade shopping site! They are going in to be competing with Etsy. I have just officially "opened" my new amazon show that you can see HERE! I have a few items up and will be adding more as the week goes on. Check out my new Very Merry Christmas earrings on Amazon!

What a crazy, unexpected and wonderful year it has been! I am still shaking my head in disbelief that I have a new kitchen! I am looking forward to preparing Thanksgiving dinner and celebrating the holidays in our new space. Last weekend I had my annual Holiday Home Show along with Maryann Groark and all of her amazing creations . We decided to do a 2-day show which we will be doing again next year. Thank you for those who joined us! I was fun showing off the jewelry AND the new kitchen.

We will be home for the holidays so I am around and ready for your gift orders! Along with my beads and jewelry, I have been making these little canapé knives using beads I make from recycled wine bottles. I am selling them for $18 each, a great gift for under $20.
Or how about this nice jellyfish and sea star bottle stopper...a wonderful one of a kind gift for $49. I have several more designs available. If interested, please email me for current inventory. I plan on putting more of these items up on my new Amazon store as well.

ok, gotta go stock my new store! See you there!

Summer of it over??

I finally got back on the torch the other day to fill some orders. It felt great, even though it was HOT!! It had been about 6 weeks...I think that’s the longest i’ve go sine I started! I will not be going up to Oakland for BABE this year, but I do hope to return next year. I will be doing a home show early November so if you’re in the area, please email me and I can send you more info. I will be working on getting some of my jewelry and abases up on Etsy, so please check back. no really, I mean it this time. I thought I would share my Simba “lion fish” necklace since he has the appropriate colors for this time of year.

It is now September and it is HOT!! And I mean hot with humidity! We are not used to that here in SoCal. In fact, why we live here is not all about the beaches and palm trees, it’s because of the perfect weather...and this is quite far from the norm! We don’t have AC because we normally don’t need it. So that is one excuse for not being on the torch much. The other of course is we were finally able to remodel our kitchen...and it is gorgeous! We have gone from a small 1954 galley kitchen to a wide open design AND a new, beautiful work space for my jewelry. here is a before, during and after of the main room.

Well that’s all for now. Always feel free to contact me with any inquiries you may have

Summer 2015!

Got lots to say since it’s been a while, once again. First of all, thank you so much to ALL the many who visited my booth at the 2015 SCUBA Show. It was wonderful to see you all, local and annual visitors! And thank you to my good friend Teresa Forster who not only helps me all weekend, but makes it even more fun!
One of the things I like about the SCUBA show is that it really bumps up my creativity since it it primarily all finished pieces. One of my favorites is the sand dollar necklace seen here, strung with big Chalcedonay briolettes and teeny vintage shell beads. (sorry, it sold). And also my little snorkel frog, floating on a warm water reef! (still available!).

After the show was over and most all orders had been completed, I began packing for a major kitchen remodel....which then got delayed, but is now starting soon. That will be keeping me quite busy over the next couple of months. If you are interested in ordering anything right now, I am happy to take the order but it may take a little longer...or maybe not, depending...

Last weekend I spontaneously went up to Santa Barbara to play with my (old and new) friends, Melissa Heilman and Katie Stuart. It was totally therapeutic, just what I needed since the packing was at a stand still. They were wonderful hostesses and Katie has a very nice studio where we spent many hours melting glass! Check out her website ArtGlass Santa Barbara

I will be attending the SDBS Bead Bazaar August 1st & 2nd. Another fun show I do with my sister, Lisa. Always a good crowd and great vendors too. I am still figuring out the schedule for the rest of the year and will update my shows as soon as I have more info. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you or hear from you soon!

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!
Have a safe and happy holiday...and summer too!

Spring has sprung!

Today happens to be Mother’s Day, so Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms! Especially to my mom, step mom and mom in law! And to all the moms of beautiful critters, such as kitties, pups, horses and guinea pigs!

It’s been a year since I took a class with glass artist extraordinaire, JC Herrell, who is best known for her enamel work. After the class I ordered the palette of enamel colors......which sat for month, collecting dust. Well I finally dusted them off and began to sift. I was very pleased with what I pulled out of the kiln today...and now I can’t wait to get back on the torch again today! The colors are so vivid and the blending looks so natural on a fish!new fish

The Long Beach SCUBA Show is just 4 weeks away. So to have something new for this annual event is exciting and inspirational for me. I hope you like them too! I will be in my usual spot (booth # 230) so be sure to stop by and say hello.

My next show after that will be the oh-so fun San Diego Bead Bazaar August 1st & 2nd. Always a great weekend with the San Diego group!
Hope to see you at one of the shows.

Las Vegas, get ready for us!

Come meet Mr. Froggie Grey in person! Yes, riding on the success of Shades of Grey, I have made a naughty frog...a black mask (just for drama!) and tiny handcuffs adorn his little body, which is settled comfortably on a dazzling, silver dicro bead! Would look great on a silver chain and a few sparkly crystals. How about that for a conversation piece!Froggie2 grey

As mentioned above, I’ll be in Las Vegas for the annual Glasscraft & Bead Expo taking place April 10th through the 12th. Remember the show closes early on Sunday, 3 pm, so be sure to get there early. See website for more details.

Just beyond Vegas, I’ll be at the Orange County Bead Society show at the Bower’s museum for one day only, April 25th. So if you can’t make it to Vegas, I hope to see you at Bower’s during the hours of 9 to 4pm. We’ll be in our usual spot on the lawn, under the tree. Lot’s of goodies this year including my new whale beads.

And if just shopping for beads isn’t enough, why not join me at Pacific Art Glass in May for classes on how to make fish (and other critter) beads! Basic bead making is required. Check out their website for more info.
Looking ahead to June, it’s my biggest jewelry show of the year, the SCUBA show on June 6th & 7th. Needless to say I am pretty busy the next few I better be going, the torch awaits!

Whale Fever!

I have always been a lover of the sea and everything that lives in it! (yes, even sharks!) And this past week has been no different, maybe even more for whales! This time of year the grey whales are migrating from Alaska to Mexico to mate and give birth. It happens every year...and their journey to and from takes them right along our coastline. For me, it is always exciting to see a whale, whether you are on a boat or from the land. But having humpback whales is not the norm around here, so I am taking FULL advantage of the opportunity! We have 3 humpbacks hanging out in the Redondo canyon bay, sometimes so close you can see them from the beach. But the real treat is going out on my paddle board and being right there with them! I have been out several times this past week and have seen them breach, wave with their big pectoral fin, “chomp” at the surface and lots of tail! It is incredible and I feel extremely lucky to have these moments with these magnificent creatures!
a chompy
This week has inspired me to make these beads which has been on my to-do list for years! They are a bit challenging due to the long skinny shape and all the details. I plan on making more, even some greys, which we have seen from the boat a few times. I am sharing a humpback fluke photo (above) taken by my friend Margaret Webb (amazing photographer, both above & below the surface!) last Sunday, which was the first day I went out on my SUP to see the whales up close. I love the ocean! I hope you like my new beads!