It's BUSY time again!

I love this time of year! It's my busy season...just finished the Art of Adorning show this past weekend, and Vegas Glasscraft at the beginning of April. And now it's all about the SCUBA show! The ideas for new designs are swirling in my head and I'm ready to dive in! I have been making some new beads in the past couple of months, my most recent are Koalas. I
made two and instantly sold them. I do plan on making more.
My pelican "debuted" at Glasscraft. I made two and immediately sold those. I plan on making more of both designs later this week. I probably won't post them because I'm going to be busy, so if you are interested, email me to see the latest. Then an old favorite, my food chain bead. This is a photo of a new one, bright and happy. I do have a few of these available. The SCUBA show takes place on June 8th and 9th at the Long Beach Convention Center. All the details can be found HERE.
I would like to thank all the folks who stopped by my booth during my last couple of shows. It was great to see everyone, both returning customers as well as the new. I love being able to chat with people about my glass goodies!
Please check back as I will try to post some of my new jewelry as I make it. I will end with a new collection of my "Lotus Frog beads", inspired by my yoga practice...and my love of little fogs.