Back from Sonoma...

We had a fun time up in Sonoma this past weekend. Mad Beader, Bindy Lambell and I certainly made the most of our free time while up in the wine country! We managed to visit three vineyards, eat better than we should have, had lots of laughs and both had a good show at the Soft Flex Glass Art & Bead show. We enjoyed meeting lots of new folks as well as seeing many familiar faces too!
On a sad note, I do have to vent my upsetting experience of having THREE frog beads stolen from me at the show. It happened over the course of both days and I assume it was just one person...because I would hate to think there is more than one of this kind running around bead shows! This person(s) has no idea how hurtful this is, to steal something that was hand made with love and passion for the art. It truly saddens me that this person(s) is that tortured and has such a sad life that they would steal from me...and I'm sure many others. What really upsets me is that my little babies (the beads, of course) have to live with this thief. They deserve a better life! So I hope this miserable human does sell them, at least the person who buys them would appreciate the beads. The little frog shown here with a tiny spider is one of the missing. karma, karma, karma....that's all I have to say for now.

Yes, this is actually an update!

I have many good excuses for not updating my website for one month, but mainly...I HAVE BEEN SO FRIGGIN BUSY!!!! After the SCUBA show, I began preparing for my upcoming Sonoma Glass Art & Bead Festival which is this weekend, August 12th and 13th. During the last month, besides making beads in record HOT temperatures, I had a wonderful 3-day class with Pati Walton and learned how to make murrinis, filled several frog necklace orders (thanks everyone!), I took a weekend off to go diving, wrote an article and tutorial for a glass magazine (more details later) AND on August 5th, Roger and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary! Whew! My friend, Bindy Lambell, the "Mad Beader", and I are heading to Sonoma a day early so we can take a breath before the show...and maybe enjoy a taste of wine while we're in wine country!
Back to BEADS! So here's the deal...I have been getting ready for the Sonoma show, but just three short weeks after that, I will be going to Tucson for the Tucson Fall Best Bead show. I know the time will fly by so I have been "extra" busy with that in mind.

One of the fun things I have made for Sonoma are my "Sonoma Bead Series" (formerly known as the "Napa" series Happy I wish I had more, but they are a bit time consuming. I really like the wine toppers too!