New items on Etsy!

I added a new shell bracelet and a cool organic twistie bead to my Etsy shop. Click on photo to check it out! (the colors in the etsy photos are kind of blown out....these pieces are more vivid in person!)

Major construction!

It's about time! I am about ready to start a major overhaul on my website. I will add items that are actually available and remove old stuff...and there is plenty of that. I appreciate those of you who are admiring my work that is more than 4 years old. I feel like my beads have changed so much over the years and it's about time I show the the new Jujee Beads! At least more than one!

I will also be updating my Etsy shop with both beads and jewelry. In the meantime, I have begun making Halloween earrings which I make to order. Email ME for more info and please CHECK BACK SOON!