Happy New Year!

About time I chimed in and said that! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! I am excited about the new year...so much going on. And I know some if it is not so great, I am starting my year with a positive outlook on the future. I spent my Christmas in Cape Canaveral, FL along with my husband, Roger, who has been working there for a month now. The photo shows the two of us on Christmas eve, next to the rocket he has been helping assemble. He loves his new job!
Meanwhile, back in the studio, I have been making beads for the Best Bead Show in Tucson next month. I "debuted" my SCUBA frog at the Gathering last year, but have never shown a photo...so here it is, three views. I will have several of these beads available by February.

SCUBA frog is complete with a mask, tank, regulator and a tiny little weight belt. He has just come across a friendly little fish and is swimming among a sea of dicroic and jelly fish in the background. Of course he looked up to "pose" for the picture!

For the next couple of days (jan 8th to 12th), I am teaching at the Craft Guild of Dallas, so that will keep me busy over the weekend. I love teaching here...it's a beautiful facility and the Texas hospitality is warm and friendly! But I am looking forward to getting home...Roger will finally be home, after a month of being away!