Welcome to 2011!

I am excited to enter my busy time once again. January marks the beginning of a very busy time for me. I have 5 big shows plus one teaching gig in the next 5 months! Plus let’s throw in taxes and home project too! So I’ll be quite the busy beader this year! I have been having fun making dicro beads on to antique skeleton keys. This aqua blue is one of my favorites, so I made a necklace. My next show coming up in 2 weeks is the
Tucson Best Bead Show. Anyone coming to Tucson for all the shows and excitement, I hope you will stop by our show and say hello! Check out all the new goodies! I will try to post some pics before I go. I have updated my show schedule for the new year. I also hope to add a few more teaching gigs. Happy new year and hope to see you soon!