Whale Fever!

I have always been a lover of the sea and everything that lives in it! (yes, even sharks!) And this past week has been no different, maybe even more for whales! This time of year the grey whales are migrating from Alaska to Mexico to mate and give birth. It happens every year...and their journey to and from takes them right along our coastline. For me, it is always exciting to see a whale, whether you are on a boat or from the land. But having humpback whales is not the norm around here, so I am taking FULL advantage of the opportunity! We have 3 humpbacks hanging out in the Redondo canyon bay, sometimes so close you can see them from the beach. But the real treat is going out on my paddle board and being right there with them! I have been out several times this past week and have seen them breach, wave with their big pectoral fin, “chomp” at the surface and lots of tail! It is incredible and I feel extremely lucky to have these moments with these magnificent creatures!
This week has inspired me to make these beads which has been on my to-do list for years! They are a bit challenging due to the long skinny shape and all the details. I plan on making more, even some greys, which we have seen from the boat a few times. I am sharing a humpback fluke photo (above) taken by my friend Margaret Webb (amazing photographer, both above & below the surface!) last Sunday, which was the first day I went out on my SUP to see the whales up close. I love the ocean! I hope you like my new beads!

Happy 2015 New Year!

I know how I am...I post here every couple of months and say “wow, how time flies! I’ve been so busy!” Well, here it is, another few months has passed by and I have posted nothing. Where have I been? October was busy getting ready for a home show early November as well as preparing for our vacation. Our trip began in Waikiki where we tried to surf on SUP’s, which was LOTS of fun! We then spent a week on the Odyssey in Truk Lagoon diving the WWII wrecks which was even more fun! We wrapped things up on the island of Kosrae, where we dove among some of the beautiful hard corals we’ve ever seen.

We go home and immediately had family visit for Thanksgiving, which was very pleasant and busy! Christmas decos went up, shopping began and cookies were on my mind.. I took part in the King Harbor boat and paddle parade for the 2nd time. And this year, I won a trophy for “Most Creative”. I have posted a photo of me on my board....the whole thing lit up! That was a fun night!

Our eldest kitty, Sebastian’s health had been failing during all of this. Unfortunately, we lost him the week before Christmas. It was very, very sad...he was a most handsome and awesome kitty. He is greatly missed.

Christmas came along and the rest of the Carlson kitty clan enjoyed more presents than ever! Orbit is seen here with his score! Mom stayed with us for a few days too. So it was a very busy holiday season.
We move on to another new year. A big change for me this year...I will not be doing the Tucson Best Bead Show this year. There are just too many shows in Tucson and it’s diluting the customer traffic. My next show will be the Las Vegas Glass Craft April 10th - 12th at the South Point Hotel. Seems so far away, but between making lots of new beads and a few home projects, I know it will be here fast. Wishing you a very happy new year and I hope to see you at one of my shows.