It's a HOT summer around here!

The temps have been in the high 80's lately and now there is a bad fire burning about 50 miles from here. The temps are in the triple digits there! So the sky is an eerie orange/brown'gray. We feel for the fire fighters! I wish I could take them all popsicles! Imagine how nice it would be this little penguin...he looks to be off to a cool place!

Summer is definitely in full swing. Finished another SCUBA show last month. Thank you (sorry it's late) to all who stopped by the booth. Always a fun and busy weekend! As well as after, lots of orders the year! Anyway, next show is the Bead Society of San Diego on August 6th & 7th at the Scottish Rite Center. Another very busy show. And very exciting show news, I will be back in San Diego doing a new show in September called MACNA
This is a show all about aquariums! So if you have an aquarium, or you're interested in them, this is the show for you! I will be in the Atlas room, booth 907. I will be on "Artist Alley" with a bunch of other talented artists! Really looking forward to this. As for the rest of the year, I will be doing a home show first weekend of November. If you live in the general area of Redondo Beach, shoot me an email and I will add yo to that mailing list. Ok, gotta go find a fan and sit in front of it. Enjoy your summer and stay cool!