Las Vegas Glass Craft Expo

IMG_4020We are Vegas bound! This weekend is the annual Glass Craft Expo at the South Point in Las Vegas. And not only is it the Glass Expo, but the ISGB is combining their annual conference, the Gathering with the Expo to make it SUPER SIZED! I have been extremely busy getting lots of new beads made. I am particularly proud of my blue whale…its the best one I've ever made. I couldn't even wait to get it off the mandrel before taking a photo! The 2nd photo is almost all of the beads I have made this year. I've been very productive, but unfortunately I haven't had time to do my taxes (yuck) so next week upon my return, I have to get that done. IMG_1088I'm sorry my website has been lacking attention. It's a new version of software and it wiped out my other pages, like my show schedule. I haven't had time to re-do them..or "look" for them as they may be somewhere in the "cloud". April 22 I will be in Orange County for the Art of Adorning show at Bowers Museum. Always a good show…and only day so make your plans! May 6th and 7th is the Long Beach SCUBA Show…yes, it is a month early this year. I will be very busy for the next several weeks. After I get a break, and get those taxes done, I will work more on my website. And maybe, I will put some beads up on etsy too! Like my newest manta ray beads, inspired by the beauties I spent time with in Socorro. Thanks for checking in and I hope to see you at one of my upcoming shows. IMG_4029