Santa Barbara wine country

Last month, Roger and I spent a weekend in Santa Barbara wine country for the annual Vintner's Festival. This photo was taken outside of the ABC/Qupe wine warehouse and although it's a little windy, I thought it was a nice photo. Note if I had not been in the photo, you'd never be able to tell it was windy!!

My first "official" class...

Me teach? Why yes I did! And I had a great time too. This past weekend (April 28th & 29th) I taught officially for the first time at The Mandrel in Torrance, CA. The theme of the class was "Back to the Beach with BEADS!" and it seemed to go very well. This was an advanced class where I taught 6 different beads shapes. Everyone had a lot of fun and did extremely well too! I want to thank all of my students as well as Donna, the owner of The Mandrel for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my desire to teach lampworking.