Yes, it's time again for the Long Beach SCUBA Show on June 2nd and 3rd. I hope all my diver friends plan on attending the show. I always have a great time at this show. For one reason, it's the only show that my husband will do with me! There is plenty of other things to keep him busy than looking at other beads. Plus we see a lot of friends and get to enjoy the show. This is my biggest and best jewelry show of the year. This is when I sit with my friend Margaret and string up every bead I can possibly think of doing something with! If you want a coupon good for a $1 off the admission, shoot me an email.

This year, my focus is on earrings. I will have plenty of beautiful necklaces and bracelets, both casual and fancy, but I am working hard on making a lot of earrings. I think earrings are easier to wear more often and are great conversation pieces. I mean how many people do you know with a pair of bat ray earrings!

Aside from making beads and jewelry, this past week has been crazy...or is it me that was crazy when I volunteered to babysit my friend's kitten for 10 days! Actually, it has been a lot of fun, Chico is the cutest, most lovable kitten I have ever met! And our cats are kind of getting used to him....in addition to the kitten, we also acquired a baby parakeet! We rescued the little girl from the crows, put up "found bird" signs but did not have any luck finding it's owner. Well, she is so cute and so sweet, we are thinking of keeping her! So a few changes at the Carlson house, but all is good!

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