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Have a very happy Thanksgiving holiday and be extra thankful for what you have!

NEW on Etsy! Plus more goodies over the weekend.

An honor of Frank's request!

Today I decided, instead of going to the gym, I would take a long walk on the beach (oh bummer!) and maybe pick up some driftwood for a project. The sun was shining through a hazy sky. Probably some residual smoke in the air from all the fires last week. The ocean was calm and I figured it was a good dolphin sighting day. I walked about a mile and a half, mainly with my eyes on the sand, picking up a few sea treasures including a few pieces of sea glass along with the driftwood I was searching for. I sat down on the warm sand for a few minutes, soaking in the sun and sea air, before heading back. I looked up and down the surf zone, but no dolphins. Oh well....I stood up, stretched a bit and when I looked up... there they were, 3 big pacific dolphins right in front of me (where did they come from?) slowly cruising the same direction I was about to walk. So I walked "with them" for several blocks. Then they all stopped and kind of floated around this one area. At first I thought they were going to feed. The sea birds began circling above them, but the dolphins were acting very calm and gently breaking the surface in both directions.

I sat back down and watched for maybe 10 minutes, then they were on their way again...still slow. They were obviously not feeding. Then I thought...maybe one of them just gave birth! Wouldn't that have been SO cool? I watched carefully to see if I could now see 4 fins break the surface, but it was hard to tell since they don't all come up at once. They stopped again and frolicked a little. At that point, I could swear I saw a little dorsal fin. Maybe it was wishful thinking....but I like the story and think I will just believe that is what I saw : ) I wish I had had a camera, or binoculars. Oh well...I did happen to have a camera one lucky day in Cozumel, which is where I captured the moment in the picture above. Click on the dolphin photo for more pics from that day. Frank, how was that? Looking forward to your visit!

I will add more items on Etsy this weekend. Also, I have recently updated my mailing list and plan to send emails occasionally. If you would like to be on my mailing list, please email me and say "Put me on the list!"


The Bay Area Bead Extravaganza, aka BABE!, is where I will be this weekend, along with many other amazing glass artists and bead vendors. I have been very busy on the torch and have lots of new goodies, including my new "Economy Friendly Fish" and kitty beads. BABE! will take place on November 8th & 9th at the Oakland Marriott City Center in Oakland, CA. This show is HUGE! So bring your shopping bag and be sure to stop by and say hello. I will be in booth #504. Click HERE for a discount coupon.