New Sea of FISH page!

Lots of new fish beads just listed on the all new Sea of FISH page. See one calling your name? EMAIL ME and I'll set up the adoption! Frogs and other critters to follow....

FINALLY ~ A webpage update!

I have been wanting to update my Gallery of beads 4 E-VER! page is done! I just added 18 sets of shell beads that are ACTUALLY AVAILABLE!
Click on the shell pic to take you there. I don't have a shopping cart set up, so just EMAIL ME with your request and I will send you a paypal invoice. I'm on a up, fish and frogs...check back soon!

I have had a "stick in a pot" for several years. It has grown a few green leaves, but just recently, it produced these! I am so pleased with the colors. And then there's the fragrance...mmmmmmm! Happy Labor Day!