Summer of it over??

I finally got back on the torch the other day to fill some orders. It felt great, even though it was HOT!! It had been about 6 weeks...I think that’s the longest i’ve go sine I started! I will not be going up to Oakland for BABE this year, but I do hope to return next year. I will be doing a home show early November so if you’re in the area, please email me and I can send you more info. I will be working on getting some of my jewelry and abases up on Etsy, so please check back. no really, I mean it this time. I thought I would share my Simba “lion fish” necklace since he has the appropriate colors for this time of year.

It is now September and it is HOT!! And I mean hot with humidity! We are not used to that here in SoCal. In fact, why we live here is not all about the beaches and palm trees, it’s because of the perfect weather...and this is quite far from the norm! We don’t have AC because we normally don’t need it. So that is one excuse for not being on the torch much. The other of course is we were finally able to remodel our kitchen...and it is gorgeous! We have gone from a small 1954 galley kitchen to a wide open design AND a new, beautiful work space for my jewelry. here is a before, during and after of the main room.

Well that’s all for now. Always feel free to contact me with any inquiries you may have