Well here it is, the last day of this year. And the first time I have posted since July??? ooops. Kind of let this go for a while. So, excuses...my computer was flaking on me a lot (no really, it was!) and I was on my ipad more than the computer and I can’t update from that. Good news, I recently got a new computer!
And then there’s the kitties. We added one more to our group in September (4 total now) and she is sooo adorable! Nikki (posing in Santa hat) is now 8 months old and just as cute as can be, but she is a handful! She gets along with great all the other kids and has quite the out going personality.

Travel: Kentucky for the ISGB Gathering, 8 days in San Diego for a bead show, plus I taught and took a workshop, Mammoth Lakes for a long weekend with good friends
Roger and I finally got back into warm water, one glorious week in Cozumel was just what we needed to rejuvenate and inspire! And one of these days, I will go through all that video I shot, which will also be easier with the new mac.

The holiday season has been busy as usual. Thank you to all who thought Jujee Beads made the perfect gifts for their special ones. I appreciate your business!

Be sure to check out my new tutorial on making puffin beads in the latest issue of the Flow, the annual woman’s issue!

Goals for 2012: update my website & etsy shop more often; continue to go to gym and yoga; come up with some really cool, new bead ideas and themes (already in my head....just need to produce!); dive in warm water; teach more!
All doable, right? Wish me luck!

I hope your 2012 is wonderful, happy and healthy! Cheers!